Friday, October 2, 2009

Are they an item???

Chilli hit up a black-tie event at Charles Mathis’ Atlanta home last night. Despite having boxing champ Floyd Mayweather on her arm for the event–and reportedly was calling him “Baby” in front of folks–the two are not a new couple like gossip reports are saying.

We reached out to Floyd’s camp to get the real scoop. We’re told that their pics and behavior last night was purely all for show. Chilli’s upcoming reality dating show to be exact. Floyd and possibly last night’s event will all be a part of an upcoming episode.

A member of Floyd’s camp confirmed to us that he’s not married. And Chilli is allegedly single (even though we still don’t know what happened with Larry Johnson). But the two are indeed not a couple and we’ll be able to see what transpires exactly when her show debuts.

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