Tuesday, August 4, 2009


by Rodney Dunn

Labor Day is quickly approaching and there are a few summer hot spots that you should check out before the summer is done. Here is out top places to go in the United States that you will be sure to have fun at!

Los Angeles (pictured):
L.A hotspot, the ABBY is a must do on the list once your in L.A. This is becoming the celeb hang out spot for up and coming artists. Club Home in L.A. is another big hangout spot for the celebs in L.A. Although, the most fun can be found at the right hotel. The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is one of the best known "gay friendly" hotels in the area. Also check out ANDAZ West Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

Miami is known for the heat, food and summer fun!.. One hot resteraunt you should check out is Balan's on lincoln Road. The food is fairly priced but the spot itself is a must go!.. he big Pink is another hot spot in Miami. Located on Collins ave and 2nd street, The Big Pink, is a spot where you are sure to atleast have a good drink. The sites and sounds are fun. Alot of House music and great bartenders!

Their Gay Pride weekend is the 1st weekend in September. Atlanta is known as the new club mecca. There is a party every night. On Tuesday's, club night is called "Thugged Out Tuesday's" Chaperelle's is usually the place to be. tlanta live is usually on ssaturday's and the spot for this events moves every year. Cub 708 is legendary in Atlanta. Not as upscale as their new spot, Mixx on Piedmont ave. This is turning into the trendy night of the week which is on Friday's.

New York City:
Labor Day is usually the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY. There is also another huge West Indian event coming up called DUVEE that will be poppin Labor Day weekend. You need to be at the Bleu/Hotboyz party before anything at Promenade, Friday night's in Manhattan!!

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